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"There is nothing more important that you can do than becoming fulfilled. You become a sign. You become a signal" - Joseph Campbell 

Here's the problem.

The default way of living doesn't work. You live the standard American life, eating the standard American foods and you die the standard American death. It doesn't happen instantly. It's a build up overtime of poor nutrition and a toxic environment that creates what at first is low grade inflammation. The Taoists called it a "false fire". Your body is fighting off these invaders and each cell is in a mild state of thinking there is danger. This manifests as symptoms like tiredness, low sex drive, moodiness, poor sleeping and a general sense of uneasiness. 

Here's the solution.

Take your power back. Decide to take a proactive approach to health and follow the people that are thriving into old age. 

This picture is me at 39 years old. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and nutrition and optimal living ever since I can remember. Its been a long journey and I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. I went through the misguided direction of protein powders and synthetic junk in my 20's and then made the switch to a focus on radiant health, happiness and spirituality at 30. I'm 40 now and never felt better physically and mentally. I know this was possible through the power of positive thinking, nutrition, yoga and right knowledge. You can achieve this too. The herbs, foods and information you will find on this site is what I have found transformational and essential in living a healthy and on purpose life.

Why Bother?

"The life of a vitalized person vitalizes. It does" - Joseph Campbell. 

In Chinese medicine you have three energies that make up your life. Jing, Chi and Shen. Your Jing is primal root energy and the one you were born with. Your Chi is daily energy that you get from breath and food. Your Shen is your spiritual energy or the light you give off. So your Jing and Chi will support how strong your Shen is. I have dedicated my life to building my Shen. In a talk given by Master Herbalist  Ron Teegarden he said " You don't take these herbs so you can go out and live a useless life. You take them so you can be strong and go out and serve" . Use these resources, information and products to make your Shen so bright that any darkness doesn't stand a chance.

Stay Updated 

Im constantly researching, learning and teaching the best ways to eat, sleep, exercise, recover and think. Let me do the work so you don't have to - that's my mission - help as many people as possible 

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Wishing you a long and happy life.

Clint Griffiths

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